EIVOR & THE BATIK / by Michelle Urvall Nyren


When I started drawing clothing designs and prints in my early teens, my maternal family smiled and said I had taken something from my grandmother Eivor, who had been a textile designer in the 1960’s. I would roll my eyes, asserting my designs had nothing to do with hers, and go back to copying Dries Van Noten florals. When I started my textile degree at university, I begun painting stripes. Painting on silk requires preparation, outlining the edges with a glue like “non-bleed”, making even the stripes and squares, which I made with a ruler, quite a geometric task.

I did not realise the similarities that this had with the way my grandmother had prepared her wax batik.

Only when I started Ever Rêve did I look at the fabrics my grandmother had made, taking direct inspiration from them. I am too pragmatic to agree when I’m told that her skills runs in my blood, but I am starting to realise that I have made conscious and unconscious decisions to resemble her and find a route to her life. I never met her, as she passed away when giving birth to my mom and her twin brother.